Saturday, July 22, 2017

After US Neurosurgeon Says He Can Treat Charlie Gard, the Baby’s UK Doctors Still Think He Should Die

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Earlier this week, an American neurosurgeon flew to the U.K. to evaluate terminally ill baby Charlie Gard after a so-called E.U. “High Court” ruled the infant should be allowed to die.

Dr. Michio Hirano spent hours with Charlie and determined his experimental therapy could potentially help treat the baby. Charlie suffers from a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome and has apparently suffered brain damage.

Dr. Hirano disagrees with British doctors that Charlie has suffered “irreversible brain damage.”

But the British doctors at the hospital that has been treating Charlie are still “unconvinced” by Dr. Hirano’s assessment and believe he should be allowed to “die with dignity,” according to the Telegraph.

There's no real reason for on-camera White House press briefings

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Sarah Sanders and Sean Spicer are White House officials, not circus monkeys. They're not there to put on a show. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Listening to the national media explain why daily on-camera press briefings from the White House are crucial is like listening to a child lay out to his parents all the big reasons he needs a new iPad:

I need it!


I just do!

But even children can be more persuasive. (It will help me with my homework!)

On the other hand, reporters and critical Democrats who insist that American democracy depends on live cameras at the briefings can't offer a single intelligible purpose for them.

U.S. immigration raids to target teenaged suspected gang members

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U.S. immigration agents are planning nationwide raids next week to arrest, among others, teenagers who entered the country without guardians and are suspected gang members, in a widening of President Donald Trump's crackdown on illegal immigrants.

The raids are set to begin on Sunday and continue through Wednesday, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters. The teenagers targeted will be 16- and 17-years-old.

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Schumer: Dems, not Russia, are to blame for loss to Trump

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 Schumer: Dems, not Russia, are to blame for loss to Trump

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says that Democrats, not Russia, are to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Trump.

“When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things - [James] Comey, Russia - you blame yourself,” Schumer said in an interview Saturday with The Washington Post.

“So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that.”

Last year, much of the Democrats’ strategy hinged on criticism of Trump in hopes that the many controversies swirling around the GOP presidential candidate would damage down-ballot Republicans, a plan which largely failed.

In May, Clinton blamed former FBI Director Comey and Wikileaks for her election loss.

More @ The Hill

ISIS fighters dress up as WOMEN with make-up and padded bras in desperate bid to flee Mosul - but are caught after neglecting to trim their facial hair!

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In one image, a fighter forgot that not shaving his facial hair off would be a problem as he attempted to dress as a woman to fleeOther images shared by the Iraqi army show the hapless attempts by men who are trying to get out of the city to look like women, including wearing padded bras

A Jihadist attempted to flee Mosul in a disguise similar to a pantomime dame, but was caught when he forgot to shave off his beard and moustache.

The ISIS fighter was trying to get away from the former militant stronghold as the city was recaptured, but didn't quite get his escape plan right.

Dressed in women's clothes and with elaborate make-up, the bearded man forgot to get rid of his facial hair.

More @ Daily Mail

The Trajectory of Collectivism

 Lies of Omission

There is a reason certain things don't make sense. Here we are, all of us (humans) currently in a moment of time when nothing makes sense. This is always preparatory to war. In other words, things are not progressing in a rational way, but the nature of things have been hijacked and directed to the benefit of only a few.

When nature is progressing it is almost always to the benefit of the greater majority. As example, when the greatest number of human beings are toiling to their own benefit, the future progresses along one line, when those same human beings are being directed to the benefit of only a few, it progresses along another.


Comment on Jill Stein Drops Truth Bomb on DNC: Mocks Crazy Ru...

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Good for her. The endless barrage of Russian conspiracy theories and Russiaphobia rhetoric being pushed by MSM, is total BS. They have never provided a single shred of evidence which has not be thoroughly and objectively discredited by cyber security experts with decades of technical experience. What makes matters worse, is that many of the MSM presstitutes who spew this diarrhea out of their mouths, don't even believe the narratives they're pushing. CNN is probably the biggest purveyor of Russia-phobia propaganda, but what do they really think when the TelePrompTer is turned off?

Below are some quotes from two representatives of CNN, admitting that the narrative is BS, and that it's all about ratings (money). Of course, it's not just about ratings, but this reckless propaganda campaign also advances the political agenda of soulless war profiteers. That being said, terrifying the masses in order to advance a political agenda, or to affect government policy, fits nicely under the USG's own definition of domestic terrorism. This is why I despise the MSM.

Journalist-"What do you think is going to happen this week with the whole Russia thing?"

Van Jones, CNN- "Ah, the Russia thing is just a big nothing burger."

Journalist- "Why is CNN always like, Russia this, Russia that?"

CNN supervising producer, John Bonifield- "Because its ratings. Our ratings are incredible right now."

Journalist- "But honestly, you think the whole Russia $h!t is just like, bull$h!t?"

CNN supervising producer, John Bonifield- "Could be bull$h!t. I mean, it's mostly bull$h!t right now. Like, we don't have any big giant proof."

CNN supervising producer, John Bonifield- "I love the news business, but I'm very cynical about it and at the same time, so are most of my colleagues....(laughs)...I'm not alone."

Some of them don't even believe their own BS, and yet there are suckers sitting at home, scared out of their minds because of this totally fabricated BS. Absolutely disgusting.

Tucker SLAMS Mueller Investigation 'Mission Creep' - says VERY Dangerous for Trump

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